Crevasse – Jason Gareth James

Ever since hearing of about explorers dying by falling in to a crevasse I have wondered what it must be like to be dying somewhere that is both beautiful and deadly.  Trapped in a cathedral of ice seems like one of the best, and worst, experiences possible.
I am interested in the depth of colour that cracks in ice can achieve.  It is so white that it is blue.  It speaks to me of both extreme cold, and extreme colour temperatures.  I control my environment most of the time to have warm colours around me at night.  Deep in a crevasse is the complete opposite.  Its hyper-cold colours take me out of my comfort zone into a space that is unsettling, yet fascinating to someone that is as colour sensitive as what I am. I feel colours.  By seeing these colours I am cold regardless of what I am wearing.
This is a dangerous journey into colour.
Crevasse is a part of envelop(e)
Exhibition Slide Show on Vimeo

“Envelop(e)” – exhibition slideshow with in situ sound. from Matt Warren on Vimeo.

An exhibition of sound and light. Presented at Contemporary Art Tasmania gallery, North Hobart, Tasmania for Dark Mofo festival June/July 2015.

Artists: Julian Day (AUS), Mick Harris/Lull (UK), Jason James (AUS), Christina Kubisch (DEU), Elizabeth Veldon (UK). Curated by Matt Warren.

All images by Jan Dallas except Julian Day images by Matt Warren.


Installation Photo 2 by Jan Dallas

Installation Photo 2 by Jan Dallas