Artist Services

Artist: Emma Horswill
The commission was to make it play speech samples when people walked past.
Done using Raspberry PI, Arduino, a Pir Sensor and help from my wife, Claire d’Este, with programming Python.


Artist Emma Horswill


Artist: Julie Gough.
The brief was to make a giant compass needle move like a compass searching for North.
Using an Arduino, a servo, a welded metal mounting, and most importantly rubber bands. For The Lost World (part 1)

Julie Gough's The Lost World (part 1)

The compass in The Lost World (part 1)

Artist: Wade Marynowsky
Making up a mounting bracket at exactly 15 degrees for Black Casino.


Artist: Joy Frasson
Worked with Joy for nearly a year to install lights in most of the sculptural forms for her PHD exhibition at the Plimsoll.  This also included lighting the exhibition.  It was challenging as the works were largely already made without wiring in them.  It was also difficult as the forms were large, heavy and very fragile.  I would wire a connection then need to wait a week until a team of people could turn the work around.  I also did the lighting design with Joy for the exhibition.

Joy Frasson

Joy Frasson: Exhibition Documentation

Artist: Amanda Davies
The brief was to make balloons blow up and deflate through two holes in a door.  Using Arduino, compressors, solenoids, and balloons.
For Amanda’s work in Hollow in the Paper, at Contemporary Art Tasmania.

Amanda Davies install for Hollow in the Paper.

In the same exhibition I shot video for Maria Kunda and Fiona Lee. Using an overhead camera and a second camera.

Maria Kunda and Fiona Lee