Death of the Actroid

The Actroid would look between the people that came to give their last respects.

Rat Palace Pop Up Gallery, 2012

Installation assisted by Rob O’Connor, and Pip Stafford


Installation Photo by Doofa

People were met at reception and told to please go in quietly then pass through.

The TV room - photo by Doofa

The TV room – photo by Doofa

In the next room they could see cctv footage of the room and also see what the robot was seeing.  The segmented cut outs of the recognised people.

Foot Detail - Photo by Doofa

Foot Detail – Photo by Doofa


Arduino, Servos, Kinect, Processing, OpenNI, Steel, Cot,  4 Channel Video.

The Actroid's Mother

The Actroid’s Mother


Life Support

Life Support

Video of the robot looking between my brother and I.