Installation, Light Art, Sound Art, 3D Printing.

Entrepôt Gallery.  2014

jumpstart my heart web

I had an electric current pass through my heart. I was thrown backwards across the room, and I collapsed on the ground. I was alone.

I knew I would go into shock.  I went to a cafe, and ordered a cup of tea. I sat in the sun, and waited to start shaking.

After I came out of shock I went to see the doctor.  My heart was making a clicking sound that could be heard up to two metres away.

For two weeks my heart ticked.  I imagined it was a bomb. When it stopped ticking I waited to die.  I closed my eyes to focus on my heart.  I could still feel my heart beat.

About every six months I suffer from heart pain. I dream of building a new heart.  A spare heart. One I can carry in my bag for when I need it.