Lighting Designs

Projection Designs


List of Works


Sing for Me
Tell Tails
Meat Puppets
Big Baby
Motel Dreaming
Born from Animals
West Side Story
Spiegel Tent
The Village
DJ Shadow


She's Not Performing
Second Echo End of Year Show
Valley of the Shadow of Death
Space Showcase
Pip and Pooch
Echo Part 1
Shadow Dreams
The Shipwright and the Banshee


Hungry For You
Sleeping Horses Lie
Branch Book Bench
The Landing Party
The Barbarians


The Birds
Death By Television


The Company I Keep
The Gatekeeper
La Casa Di Signori


Power Hip Hop
Who Knows


Underwhere (SA)
This Much of Me
If I Jumped I'd Fly
Stranded in Paradise
Sing Salamanca
Scottish Power


Con Artists
Celtic Force
Dream Masons (assistant LD)
Honeymoon Suite
Fringe Fashion Show
Adult Black Comedy
Calamity Cabaret
Close Shave
Fusion 07
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Heartburn Hotel
Celtic Force
Angel Place Concerts
Tarantara! Tarantara!


Boy Band(NSW)
Angel Place Concerts (NSW)
Sydney Conservatorium Concerts (NSW)


The Taming of the Strigla(NSW)
Angel Place Concerts(NSW)
Sydney Conservatorium Concerts(NSW)


The Rules of the Game(NSW)


Unheard of / Unreal
Mountain Cabaret


Ausmusic Day

Lighting Designs for world premieres

Pip and Pooch Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Directed by Sam Routledge
Schools touring show with premiere at the Theatre Royal Hobart, 2013.
Burnie Arts and Function Centre, Burnie, 2013

Pip and Pooch

Echo Part 1 - A neurological soundscape IHOS Opera
Directed by Constantine Koukias
Neurological Souncscape by Jane Baker
A site-specific intimate and immersive experience into an auditory world of an 85-year old living with dementia.
Venue was an office block in Hobart, 2013


Shadow Dreams Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Directed by Frank Newman
Digital puppetry performance in two locations at once connected by video link.
Conservatorium of Music, Hobart, and Annex Theatre, Launceston, 2013
Conservatorium of Music, Hobart, and Burnie Town Hall, Burnie, 2013
Part of Ten Days on the Island, 2013

Shadow Dreams

Hungry For You Extended Play Projects
Directed by Merophie Carr
By Kirsty Grierson, Mel King and Melinda Mills-Hope
Hungry For You is a satirical, comedic and poignant new work of hybrid theatre that draws from bunraku (traditional Japanese puppetry) and blends live cooking, shadow puppetry and projection.
Peacock Theatre Hobart, 2012

Hungry For You

Sleeping Horses Lie Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Directed by Frank Newman
Digital puppetry performance
Theatre Royal, Hobart, 2012
Burnie Town Hall, Burnie, 2012
Earl Arts Centre, Launceston, 2012

Branch Book Bench Second Echo Ensemble
Directed by Kelly Drummond Cawthon, Sarah Duffus, and Guy Hooper Integrated dance ensemble with and without disabilities. Co-produced by Tasmanian Theatre Company and Cosmos
Peacock Theatre, Hobart, 2012
(note: the bench segment was not designed by me, but I adapted it for the Peacock Theatre)

The Barbarians IHOS Music Theatre Opera
Experimental opera
City Hall, Hobart, 2012
Part of MONA FOMA 2012

Love Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Digital puppetry performance
Theatre Royal, Hobart, 2011
Burnie Arts and Function Centre, Burnie, 2011
Touring to the U.S. in 2014

The Gatekeeper Terrapin Puppet Theatre
Digital puppetry performance
Theatre Royal, Hobart, 2010

Kimisis IHOS Music Theatre Opera
Chamber Opera
Peacock Theatre, Hobart, 2010, For MONA FOMA
Peacock Theatre, Hobart, 2011, For Mobile States
Browns Mart, Darwin, 2011, For Mobile States
Transport Shed, For Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival, 2012

The Landing Party, SAC35 Salamanca Arts Centre
Kelly's Garden, The Courtyard, The Pit 2012

Death by Television Hobart Pavement Projects and Tasmanian Theatre Company
Directed by Briony Kidd
Backspace Theatre, 2011

Error_In_Time() Nancy Mauro-Flude
Peacock Theatre, 2011

The Birds M.A.D.E.
Directed by Glen Murray
Dance Installation
Peacock Theatre, 2011

Hieronymous Andrew Harper
DOP Simon Gray
Video Installation
Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania, 2011

La Casa Di Signori Marrisa Mastrocola and Nigel Kellaway
Directed by Nigel Kellaway
Peacock Theatre, 2010

The Company I Keep Tasmanian Theatre Company
Directed by Finegan Kruckemeyer
Peacock Theatre 2010, 2012
Q Theatre Auckland 2012

Power Hip Hop Kickstart Arts Inc. 2009;

Who Knows Old Nick Theatre Company 2009;

This much of me Tasmanian Theatre Company 2008;

If I jumped Id Fly Tasmanian Theatre Company 2008;

Stranded in Paradise Kickstart Arts Inc. 2008;

Mate Old Nick Theatre Company 2007;

Dream Masons Assistant Lighting Designer, Salamanca Arts Centre / 10 Days on the Island 2007;

Boy Band Ricochet Working Productions, May 2005, Seymour Centre;

The Taming of the Strigla Take Away Theatre, 2004, Side Track Theatre;

Underground Stompin Youth Dance Company 2002.

Unheard of / unreal is theatre ltd. 2002

InFORMal is theatre ltd. 2002

Lighting Designs

Resident designer at Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre 2008-2011

Guys and Dolls Hobart Summer School 2010

Footloose Tasmanian Polytechnic 2009

Resident concert lighting designer at City Recital Hall Angel Place, Sydney 2003-2006

Fidelity Tamarama Rock Surfers, 2004, Old Fitzroy Theatre;

The Rules of the Game Ricochet Working Productions, 2003, Darlinghurst Theatre;

Weepie Performance Anxiety and Tamarama Rock Surfers, 2003, Old Fitzroy Theatre.

Mountain Caberet Mountain Festival, Old Female Factory 2002

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